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Boris & Kim 2018

Boris & Kim 2018

Boki (Boris & Kim) met over a decade ago while working in a Soho post production studio, they quickly bonded over a love of good food, coffee and 80's action cinema. 

They both followed their own paths, Boris setting up a film production company and Kim working in hospitality management with a side career as a storyboard artist. 

Their shared passion for coffee and hospitality drove them to create Boki which first opened as a unique pop-up coffee shop in the Urban Villa hotel in 2015.  After a highly successful stint which included being shortlisted for the 2015 Restaurant & Bar Design awards, Boki relocated to Earlham Street, Seven Dials in August 2017.

Boki worked with renowned Moscow based architects Melspace to create a unique interior that uses a mix of textures and palettes to make a welcoming, stylish oasis in the centre of London. 

The site is open seven days a week for coffee, brunch, lunch & dinner with a fully licensed cocktail bar,  specialising in coffee infused drinks a house-infused gin selection and a carefully curated wine list.


Our coffee

The coffee is by Allpress, their house espresso blend is to Boki's tastes, the best espresso on the market - a blend of Brazilian, Columbian, Guatemalan & Sumatran beans that create a full bodied, well rounded coffee with rich chocolate and caramel alongside brighter notes. 

We use these flavours to create our bespoke coffee cocktails, curated by Drinksmith Matthias Lataille the complex notes blend perfectly with a coffee infused Negroni, Espresso martini or Boki Alexander. 


For all reservations please contact us directly on:020 78368589 info@bokisevendials.com